Sunday, August 29, 2004

I didn't even make it out of Brooklyn before seeing the first signs of protest. Posted by Hello

First thing I spot in Union Square. I knew it would be an excellent day. Posted by Hello

This man was hating on corporate America. Posted by Hello

The cops suck. Police state! Bushitler! Wait. What's my point. Oh yeah. Israel is to blame. Police state. (Ahhhh, sweet irony ... scroll down) Posted by Hello

An old Jewish man is having none of it. He fired back at the bearded guy. Posted by Hello

Wow. That didn't take long. I'm on the ground five minutes and I see a guy get hauled off by the cops. Posted by Hello

The frenzied crowd darts after the police, chanting "No Police State!" and "Let him talk!" (Okay, I'd say camera-toting folks made up about 50% of the frenzied crowd). Posted by Hello

Yes, the Republican Freakshow, complete with a Klan member and, oh, well, two of the most powerful black people in the world. Posted by Hello

But of course. Quick question, though. Who was the first president to actually promise a separate Palestinian state? Posted by Hello

Looks like W. just lost the cat and cat-lover vote. Posted by Hello

Looks like he lost the dog vote, too. (Yes, the dog was wearing an anti-Bush shirt) Posted by Hello

Puppets hate George Bush, too. Posted by Hello

Look! It's Rachel Corrie! But seriously, having wandered Union Square over and over again and determining that despite the fact all these people were gathered in one easy place YET JOHN ASHCROFT WAS SHOWING NO INTEREST IN ROUNDING THEM ALL UP, I decided to march up the parade protest route to see what I could see.  Posted by Hello

See, pot-smoking causes paranoia. Posted by Hello

I think we're working on that, chief. Posted by Hello

Boy, some folks just have a deathwish, don't they. Imagine how fast MILF would over-run the Philippines if we withdrew our support... especially considering their current president has proved to radical Islamists that she's more than ready to roll over. Posted by Hello

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the corresponding women's group. Posted by Hello

Progress. I've passed the Flat Iron building, but couldn't resist turning around to take a shot at it. The crowd had thinned out some in this area and I started to worry the fun was over. Posted by Hello

Now you know why I'm voting for George Bush. Posted by Hello

It's BUSH!!! And right behind him is ... well ... you know. Use your imagination. Posted by Hello

Damn blimp followed me around all day. Posted by Hello

NADERITES. There was a lot of venom spat at these folks. Guess Democrats don't like it when you start chanting "John Kerry voted for George Bush's War!" Facts, you know, they're annoying like that sometimes. Posted by Hello

A shot of the police not pounding the crap out of anyone. Posted by Hello

After walking for many blocks, I found the Protest Warriors and Communists for Kerry at Herald Square. Posted by Hello

Notice the guys in the green shirts. While various upper middle-class lefties, progressives, socialists and communists march by, the "working man," once again, has to clean up their shit. Posted by Hello